Ozon Health Services Ltd. Şti. Is a company established in 2000 and its main field of activity is the production, import, sale and after-sales services of "Ozone Therapy" devices and consumables. Our company is one of the oldest companies in this sector and is the market leader.

“TURKOZONE BLUE Medical Ozone Generator” produced by our company in 2012 is the first domestic medical ozone generator put on the market.

Our company played a major role in the establishment of the Medical Ozone Association in 2005, and with the efforts of this association and other complementary medicine associations, the Ministry of Health published the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Regulation in early 2014.

Our company, which continues its R & D activities in order to be ready for the developments in the market with its product portfolio, aims to direct its technical knowledge and infrastructure to the usage areas of ozone in different sectors.