TURKOZONE Ozone Sensor

For Treatment Quality and Safety


It is used to monitor the ozone gas concentration in the environment. No on / off switch is used on the ozone sensor to prevent it from being turned off accidentally. To operate the ozone sensor, simply connect it to a 220V mains socket.

Ozone Sensor should be operated in standard room temperature and humidity conditions. TURKOZONE Ozone Sensor is a reliable ozone gas monitor based on a microcontroller to measure the amount of ozone gas in a closed environment, that can measure the ozone amount below 1ppm precisely and has a long-lasting special production sensor compared to similar ones.


System Composition

The system will consist of the following units and parts:

Ozone sensor

Temperature sensor

Humidity sensor

Voice warning mechanism

Visual alert mechanism

DC adapter


Technicial Specifications

Ozone concentration measurement range is in the range of 0 to 400 ppb (parts per billion).

Temperature measurement range should be -40 ~ 80 ° C. Measurement accuracy should be <± 0.5 ° C maximum.

Humidity measurement range 0-100% RH. Measurement accuracy should be maximum ± 2% RH.

The measurements made will be displayed on the LCD screen.

When the ozone concentration exceeds 100 ppb, it will give visual and audible warning.

The device will be able to work using a DC adapter.

The device must be wall mountable.

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